Wineology 101

The Perfect Wine Every Time

Many Years ago a wine kit consisted of powdered grape concentrate that came in a tin can. Pour the contents into a bucket, add water, sugar, yeast and some chemicals, and hope the end result produced something resembling wine. Many saw the products being produced as being below average and not worth the investment.

Thankfully, things have changed. A better and thorough understanding of the winemaking process has revolutionized the industry giving way to great tasting wine made from kits, some surpassing the quality of commercial wines. Manufactures are striving to improve upon earlier successes and produce superior products.

At Cheers to You we have selected what we believe are the best wine kits. All our wine kits have actual pure varietals grape juice.


Fun with Wine

Cheers To You enjoys offering many ways to enjoy your Wine.

Consider using our wine as a gift for that friend or relative. Use it for promoting your business with a personalized label.

Do you have a friend’s birthday coming up? Bring in your wine that you made here at Cheers to You and we will put a personalized label for your birthday friend, Free of charge.