I purchased the Montepulciano and Piesporter wine for my wedding. I am very pleased to say that all of my guests at my wedding complimented the wine. I knew this by the amount that was drank that night. I am Asian and I have been to many Asian weddings but NEVER have I seen wine go so fast. Since I have gotten so many compliments on the wine it is only right that I pass on the compliments to where it belongs. On behalf of my wife and I, we would like to thank you for helping make our special night fun and successful.

Jimmy, Customer

Neil: Having been a happy customer at two good wine shops previously I am pleased now to be a customer of Cheers to You. You have met my first criteria and that is a quality wine product. Beyond that, I am impressed by your excellence in personal service and the very polished image projected by Cheers to You. Best Regards,

Nillo A. Piccinin, Customer

Neil, Great web site – I especially like your intro – will be ordering again soon – yes the tangerine – talk to you soon.

Lynn & Mal, Customer